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Today I’m starting off my day by attending my flight to Brazil which is a 4 hour flight. I will first eat breakfast at the airport then board the plane. As I land I will then catch a taxi to my hotel called the Golden Tulip Porto to drop my luggage there and in pack to get settled in. Once I shower and get ready I will then go to eat at Penema beach and enjoy the country’s food. After that I will then go back to the hotel to rest for tomorrow. Next day, I will wake up and get into my swimming gear because I will be going to Fernando De Noronha island to go scuba diving and snorkelling to the the sea life but also to be able to pet the dolphins. Once I’m done that I will then go back to the hotel to eat and relax for the rest of my day.fernando-de-noronha-py0fpv8ig.jpg

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Blog #8


I’m headed to the airport to get in a flight to Peru from my last trip to Trinidad and Tobago, my flight leaves at 6:15pm. The flight was great because it didn’t feel to long knowing that Is was at 13 hour flight. But as I landed the taxis were already out side the airport so everything was happening pretty quick and fast. The hotel I checked in at is called Mecure Aristo Lima hotel at this time it is currently 7:30am so I’m gonna rest and get ready for the day ahead of me. As I wake up I’m gon a get ready and go to a big mall that they have in Peru called the Main Square Of Lima so that I could should for stuff to bring back to my family but also for all the nice clothes they have and wear in this country. After that I will get back to my hotel and rest for tomorrow. Next day, I will wake up and get ready for a tour around a famous museum in Peru called the Larco museum to learn about this beautiful place but also to see the heritage of the what this country has. Once I’m done that I will head back to get some rest and eat some food.lima-main-square.jpg

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Blog #7

Trinidad & Tobago

Today I’m starting off my day by heading to the airport to catch my flight to Trinidad & Tobago my flight is scheduled to leave the Singapore airport at 9:00am, when I get to the airport I will then board my flight. When I get to Trinidad I will then get a ride to my hotel Tari to Grand Diamond and get settled in, later I will then eat a traditional dish called pineapple chow and cow heel soup at my hotel restaurant after I’m doe eating I will then go on the Port of Spain sight seeing tour to see more of the city and learn more about it, after that I will go back to my hotel to rest and get sleep. Next day, I will wake up and get into a semi formal look to go on a cruise in the Tobago forrest to take beautiful pictures and relax. After that I will then end off my day by relaxing at the hotel.


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Blog #6


I have a big more info a head of me knowing that I have to be up and out of my hotel at 11:00am to checkout and be at the airport for 2:00pm to board a flight heading to Singapore. Once I get on the plane and land in Singapore I will have to get my bags and take a shuttle bus to my hotel named Swissotel Merchant hotel, as I get there I will then eat and the hotel restaurant and get settled in. After I am done eating I will then go back to my room to change and get ready to see the Peranakan Museum to learn more abound Singapore. Soon after that’s I will head back to my hotel to get some rest from my long day. Next Day, I will wake up and get ready to go to Piazza mall to do some shopping for clothes and Souvenirs to bring back to my family, after I finish looking around the mall I will then take a taxi to a local restaurant to eat dinner then go back home to get rest for my day tomorrow.


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Blog #5


Today I have a flight for Tokyo Japan to Jordan, my flight departs at 4:00pm. Currently it is the afternoon and I am eating lunch and at my hotel before I leave to go catch my flight. As I get to the airport I just make it on time for my flight. Once I land in Jordan I call a taxi to drive me to Ibas Amman Hotel to drop off my luggage and go visit the ancient city of Jerash to see what it has become and how it has aged over the years of it being a tourist attraction. Once I’m done exploring it I will then go back to my hotel to get rest and sleep for tomorrow. Next day, Today I will be taken around Jordan to see different monuments of the city such as the Dead Sea and the karak castle. Once I am brought back to my hotel I will then back my bag and get sleep for my flight tomorrow.


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